Fwd: Update on My Life (28 minutes, Video, 2010)

A hybrid live-action and animated documentary, Fwd: Update on My Life follows Dr. Deanie French, a pioneer of computer-mediated communication research and internet-based learning, who decides one day to take a holiday from her prescription of mood stabilizers and go on the Atkins diet. With newfound energy, she promptly leaves her husband and sets out starting up multiple businesses, making 10 new "special friends," and shooting a documentary about her life.

In her directorial debut, “special friend" Nicky Tavares pieces together the humorous and tragic life story of Dr. Deanie French through a collection of interviews, personal emails, electronic greeting cards, and machinima footage, while exploring Dr. French's complex psychological and professional relationship with the internet and technology. Alternating between and probing notions of the virtual and the real, Fwd: Update on My Life reflects upon our idea of reality as it nimbly navigates Dr. French's fluctuating perceptions of the universe.